Art Drop: Omega Power-Up

Omega Power-Up, from Skylander SuperChargers

In Skylanders SuperChargers, you can collect a series of power-ups which affect vehicle gameplay. They're mostly represented by Magic Items from the first Skylanders game: the Time Twister Hourglass slows things down; Healing Elixir gives your a health boost; and so on. We added one new rare power to this lineup: the Omega, which would give you the combined effects of all the others. The Omega needed to look like something, and it would then also need an icon for the HUD. I was given both tasks. Here's a higher-res look at what's tiny artwork on screen: a weathered golden Omega encircling a crackling energy source.

Once this was produced and approved, it also served as the basis for the 3D model you'd collect while driving (to earn the power).

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