Guitar Hero 5

Nintendo Wii, 2009

"Roadie Battle" Mode

Nintendo DS minigame art

Gameplay interacts with each team's equipment: Soundboard, PA Speakers, Pyrotechnics, Guitars, and Amplifiers
Soundboard Sabotage
2-screens wide. Get the needles to hit the red zones
Amp Sabotage (part 1)
2 screens wide. Unscrew the back panel of the amplifier, revealing...
Amp Sabotage (part 2)
...patch cables that you must scramble
Guitar Sabotage (part 1)
Break open the locks on a guitar case, snap its strings, restring the guitar backward...
Guitar Sabotage (part 2)
...and drop the guitar into the guitarist's hands
Pyro Sabotage
2 screens high. Aim the pyrotechnics at the bullseye, then charge and trigger the firing box
Amp Repair
Crank the amp back to 11
Pyro Repair
Blow out the flaming guitar
Guitar Repair
Retune the guitar
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Original artwork ©2000-2017 by Steve Moss (except as noted)